Studio shoot: Pinky Promise Pictures

Afgelopen maand mocht ik mooie portretten maken voor de website van Jesse & Dewi. Een creatief duo dat prachtige trouw videos maakt! Inmiddels is hun website “Pinky Promise Pictures” online.  

Mocht je nog op zoek zijn naar iemand die een onvergetelijke trouwfilm kan maken voor jullie onvergetelijke bruiloft, ben je bij Pinky Promise Pictures op het juiste adres! Neem gauw een kijkje op de mooie website:

Studio shoot: Multacasting

Last month I had the honor of making portraits for the new website of MULTA Casting! 

MULTA Casting is a casting agency that manages the casting procedure for various media. Such as commercials and videos, movies and series, photography, online media and events. They have grown tremendously in just 1.5 years! Right now they’re doing the casting for a number of well-known films and series here in the Netherlands. So proud! Check them out:

See the final result of the portraits I made for the website down below. 

✨ Jet

Studio test shoot: Shari & Romy

For my birthday, I received a studio flash set from my parents. This is about two years ago, but I’ve never used it. What a waste! Despite my reasons for it, I find daylight pictures, in general, more beautiful. But because a lot of clients of mine want to see studio photos, it was time to practice! So here are the results! I have to practice a lot more, but for the first time, I think I did well! Thanks to sisters Shari & Romy for being my models! 

✨ Jet

Bulbs in bloom

I live in an area called the “Dune and Bulb Region” near “Keukenhof”, also known as “the Garden of Europe”. Between April and May, I’m surrounded by these beautiful flower fields. As you can see they are still in bloom. I love all those beautiful colors when I drive by on my bike. It gives me a summer feeling, because when all the flowers are picked, summer is about to begin. First it’s time for the “Bloemencorso”, which means means “flower parade”. It’s a parade of floats that are decorated and covered with flowers. Fun to watch if you haven’t seen it yet. I think I live in a beautiful and accessible place. In summer I can bike to the beach, but I am also in the capital within 25 minutes! Never leaving my hometown. I think.. 

✨ Jet

Lapland 2017

Begin this year, my niece and I went to Lapland. It was the most amazing experience of my life! The surroundings were so beautiful. Everything was white. You had these glittering snowy trees and it was so magical. 

The sun came up around 11:30 pm and went down around 14:30 pm. Therefore we constantly had a beautiful sky. A long lasting sunrise and sunset. That also gave a very magical feeling throughout the day. I’m in love with sunrises and sunsets. The sky is, next to portraits, my favorite thing to photograph. 

We always went for a walk at this time and took lots of beautiful photos that are definitely worth showing in my opinion. That’s why I started writing this blog on my website to show my friends and family the photos I make on a regular basis. 

So we walked a lot and explored the area but we also did a few excursions. On our first excursion, we did the snowmobile safari in the evening, which was pretty cool. I found it a bit scary at first, but later on, it was so much fun to do. It’s a very nice way to travel for the locals! We also did the Snowshoe Hike and we went to Snow Village, a hotel made of snow. I also really liked the Husky Safari at sunrise. 

The best thing of our holiday were, of course, the Northern Lights!! We saw the Northern Lights like 3 times and that’s very special. Some photographers have been there 5 times and never seen it. You have different scales from 1 to 10 and we’ve seen it maybe at scale 4. Which is not very powerful to see with the naked eye but clearly visible on camera luckily! Unfortunately, I forgot my tripod and they weren’t sold in the village, so not all my pictures are equally sharp. You can’t take pictures of the northern lights without a tripod guys. Biggest mistake of my life haha. It will never happen again. 

✨ Jet

The first signs of spring

My brother and I often go for a walk in the neighborhood. If we go to the woods, beach or park, I always bring my camera with me. This time we went to the Haarlemmermeerse Bos. It was late in the afternoon, so we had nice sunlight and a I got a little bit of flare on the photos. So pretty! Almost magical. Look at those beautiful flowers. I love the first signs of spring. 

✨ Jet

Christmas in London 2016

The second time I went to London in Christmas season! The first time I went with my brother and celebrated new years eve at the London Eye. London is so much fun and so pretty with Christmas. I was super happy to go again. This time with my best friend. Look how beautiful it’s decorated. Everyone should go to London once with Christmas!

✨ Jet

Palma de Mallorca 2015

At the end of 2015, I got health issues. I decided to put everything aside and went to Mallorca to rest. It was the first time I traveled on my own and it was the best experience. I would definitely do this again. 

I stayed in Can Pastilla in this beautiful modern hotel with a rooftop infinity pool! The sunsets up there were beautiful! Mallorca had the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. 

I also went to Sa Calobra and Sóller by boat. In Sa Calobra I saw the bluest water. But my favorite town was definitely Sóller. I loved Sóller because of al the houses on the hills and the harbor. I also liked this very old train that drove us back to Palma along many citrus trees. 

If I go back to Mallorca, what I definitely will do, I wouldn’t stay in Can Pastilla, because it was way too touristic. Really love to see the rest of Mallorca as well. 

✨ Jet

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